Wednesday, November 04, 2015

City Cafe - Cleveland, Tennessee

A fun eatery in Cleveland, Tennessee is City Café.  The name might sound familiar as there are a few other City Café locations in Chattanooga.  But this one is new and it making quite a hit in Cleveland. 

City Cafe, Cleveland, Tennessee

We don’t normally travel an hour from home to try a new restaurant, so I had to make it worth the trip by combining some shopping and eating!  It turned out to be a great decision.

We hit it between busy times, so there was no waiting for a table.  It’s not a huge place so at certain times you might have to wait for a table.  But while you wait you can occupy yourself by standing in front of the cake display and drooling!  More about that later.

We were seated rapidly and our drink orders were taken and filled quickly.  I looked around to realize that the space was airy and bright and they have tables and booths.  Our server asked if we were ready to order and I told him we need some time to read their extensive menu.  Their menu is ‘huge’ and while I don’t have the time or the space to list everything they serve, you can look at the menu on their website here.

Salad at City Cafe

In general they have breakfast food, lunch items/specials, dinner items and deserts.  I had steak on my mind when we sat down, but after careful consideration I decided on Broiled Shrimp.  With that entrée you get:

Choice of Soup or Salad – we took Salads and be careful…the croutons are loaded with garlic. 

Potato – Fried, Baked, Rice even Tater Tots!

One Side Veggie – I asked for Steamed Veggies (carrots and squash mix) and the only complaint was that they were cold.)

Broiled Stuffed Shrimp at City Cafe,

The shrimp were very good and the potato was hot, but as I said the veggies were cold.  My husband took French Fries and he said they were extremely hot and crisp.  Also, the portion of fries was too big; there were enough for 3 people!

Service was prompt, dirty dishes were removed from the table very quickly.  Anyone who passed by our table asked if we needed anything.  They get my vote for good service.

Now to the good stuff – the cakes, pies, pastries – oh my!

The selection is unbelievable.  One word of warning….the portions are big enough for two, or even three.  If you eat a full meal there, then share a slice of cake!  We ordered the Death by Chocolate and took it home…it wasn’t what I thought it would be – it was really just a huge piece of chocolate formed out of a few types of chocolate.  There was no cake to it.  It was difficult to eat at home, I am glad we didn’t try to eat it at City Café!

The bottom line is that we would, and we will, eat there again on our next trip to Cleveland, Tennessee.  I think the next time one of those big steaks might be on my plate!

City Café
919 25th Street NW
Cleveland, TN 
Phone: 423-790-7460

Photos belong to AbbyG

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