Monday, November 09, 2015

Megabus Knoxville to New York City : You won't believe the price!

You won't believe what my tickets for Megabus Knoxville to New York City cost. I am leaving to go see family there in December. NYC is an expensive place to visit and the cost has been stopping me for awhile. I always wrestle with the choice to drive or fly. The cost of the Megabus Knoxville to New York City tickets made choosing the bus a no-brainer..

Generally, driving a family car is often easier on the budget than flying. Four in a car can hit the road for the same gas. Flying means four tickets, airline hassle and dealing with TSA regulations. The driveway to destination time is about the same for where I live. Drive time, flight, two hours, early baggage etc.

However, this trip is just me an another person and that makes Megabus an option. We are leaving the first week of December to go to New York City  from Knoxville and back on Megabus. It'll cost me $15 bucks to leave my car in the parking garage and about $25 round trip to get to the transit center and back from where I live - which is less than what I paid for two round trip tickets on the bus. Not kidding.

My cost for two tickets to take the Megabus Knoxville to New York City bus is $20.00. Yes, you read that right. Add in booking and other fees and the total cost comes to about $28.00.

This is a budget operation. There is wifi and bathrooms, but not many other amenities. Riders should read my article about what to expect. If you enjoy cheap travel, then the bus may be an option to consider.

Right now, I'm loving the Megabus. I'll be blogging the trip so don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel if you've not already done so at You can also sign up on the blog to get email updates about my trip from Knoxville to New York City and other posts.

Now I need to look for lunch coupons. Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.

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