Friday, November 13, 2015

Smoky Mountains trip for November 2015

My travel destination of the month for November 2015 was to Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The road trip takes me a couple hours. However, no matter how close or far your vacation destination may be, it's still a bummer when it rains.

We checked in at the K.O.A. in Pigeon Forge is near the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Hubby got camp set-up just before the rain started. Our rented site was a shady spot that backed up to Patriot Park. The bathhouse was across the driveway. It was as pretty as it was convenient.

We had water, electric, a picnic table and fire ring that had to wait. He felt like he hit the jackpot when the rain stopped just long enough for him to get the RV lights out! I bought the light set from Amazon in 2014 and another this year. Each light has a translucent plastic RV over it and the strands plug together like Christmas lights. The photo below opens in a separate Amazon tab. They're adorable.

In the morning, my rainy vacation grief could only be eased by shopping at the Tanger Outlets in Sevierville. Hubby didn't fall for the grief story one bit, but took me shopping anyway.

Maybe he mumbled something about our budget when dropped me at the Lenox Outlet, but I was too focused on the giant "Sale" sign to notice. He and Daughter went to the Disney Store while I was left in my own magical world without a chaperone.

A few stands of grief remained when I poked my head into the Rockport Outlet, and then the Reebok Store before regrouping with the family.  Hubby glanced at my shopping bags, big grin and did some quick mental math. Hen then decided an early dinner at the Applewood Farmhouse was in order. They were still on less expensive lunch menu and they give an AAA discount. It was an excellent meal.
Mountains with fall leaves

We drove into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park after dinner. The rain had stopped and a fresh clean smell wafted in the air.  The overlook on the Gatlinburg Bypass was cool, but not cold. I took photos, then a video, then a photo for a tourist couple from Kentucky. They were thoroughly enjoying their vacation week.

Road construction near the next overlook made us decide to go back to the K.O.A. We were enjoying the warm fire and RV lights when Hubby's cell phone rang. We escaped to the Smoky Mountains in part because work was going on at the parsonage and in part because we wanted to get away. It was a good combination. Hubby's hushed tones had me concerned. It had been an idyllic day. What could be wrong?

Hubby disconnected and turned to me. It turns out that thee team needed an extra day to complete the project. Would we mind staying at the campsite one more night?

I told him that we could make the sacrifice.

Here's a video that we made from an overlook on the Gatlinburg Bypass. Check it out. Don't forget to give it a thumbs up! Be sure to subscribe to see more videos as they develop.

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