Saturday, December 05, 2015

Knoxville Christmas in the City 2015: Marshmallow roasting, skating and more

The Knoxville Christmas in the City 2015 is off to a full swing. The celebration began with the annual Christmas Tree lighting in Krutch Park in downtown Knoxville and continues until just after the New Year begans when the Knoxville Holidays on Ice skating rink is closed on Market Square Mall. Lights adorn buildings, storefront windows are decorated and Merry Christmas cheer floats through the air.

Christmas trees in lights on roof topsHubby and I were there for the event that kicked it all off. The Regal Celebration of Lights is one of my favorite Christmas events. It is family friendly and just plain fun. We walked through Krutch Park and Market Square Mall with friends. We paused to listen to street corner musicians as we strolled along. The case of each musician was a little heavier when we left. A loud ringing bell brought our attention to the Salvation Army Band. The bell ringer called a cheery "Merry Christmas" to all who came near.

Holiday banners on street light polesThe Knoxville Christmas in the City celebrations are family friendly. Children darted in the crowd going this way and that. Parents called after them to be careful and reminded them that Santa would be watching. A response designed to stop me in my 10-year-old-tracks brought only giggles from children who were more keen on enjoyment than fear. Besides, Santa was occupied on the stage next to the 42' Christmas tree. Maybe the children were confident that he would be too busy to notice their antics this time?

The group I was with was so focused on the music of Market Square Mall, that we almost missed the tree lighting! We quickly hoofed it to Krutch Park when the fireworks started. The booms heralded the lighting of the Knoxville Christmas Tree. By the time we got there, the Christmas tree was brightly shining over Krutch Park. Undaunted in our fun, we laughed and picked up sticks for the marshmallow roasting on Market Square.

Don't worry if you missed the Regal Celebration of Lights part of the Knoxville Christmas in the City 2015 celebration. I shot some video footage while we were there. Fitting everything in is impossible. I just hit the highlights.

Knoxville Christmas in the City 2015 celebrations include the WIVK Christmas Parade, Xfinity Christmas in Chilhowee, Window Wonderland, Holidays on Ice and more. The events are free and so is parking in all the Knoxville City owned parking garages and lots after 6:00 on Friday and through the weekend. Details are on the City of Knoxville website.

Is there an activity or event that you would especially like to see covered for Christmas or New Year? Let me know by making a suggestion in the comments section. I read them, try to respond and attempt to get to as many events as feasible. So, suggest away! :)

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