Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas One and All!

Today is Wednesday, December 23rd, which means Christmas is just two days away. I hope you have all your preparations in place and are truly ready for the festivities to begin! If you have little ones in your life then you know that their excitement is overflowing.  We don’t have any little ones, but my husband and I still enjoy the season thoroughly!

At this time of year don’t forget the elderly who are in nursing homes or living alone with no one to visit them.  If you know of someone like that take a few minutes of your time to spend with them.  Just a few cookies and a cheery card can lift the spirits!  Maybe even invite them to spend the day with you and your family.

What about the couple next door that is alone at holiday time because their family members are hundreds of miles away?  If you have room in your heart and at your table, maybe ask them to share a meal with you.  You will never know how much they will appreciate the invitation.

Do you get a small gift for your mail carrier or paper delivery person?  What about the girl at the dentist office who goes out of her way to get you in when you have an emergency?  Let them know you appreciate them with a small token. 

Is there a homeless shelter where you can volunteer a few hours to make the Christmas Season brighter for those who have very little joy?  For those of us who have a lot the best feeling is the world is to give to others who have very little. You can help out at a soup kitchen, make it a family affair.  Sometimes a cup of coffee and a smile can do wonders for the spirit.

Don’t forget the dogs and cats that are living in shelters.  At this time of year shelters are overflowing and there are never enough volunteers to visit and play with the dogs.  They need some extra love at this time of the year also.  Take some treats for them if you can.  If you don’t have time to volunteer your times perhaps make a donation, they can always use the money.

As you prepare for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day church services your thoughts are aimed toward the true meaning of the day, the birth of baby Jesus. 

Merry Christmas!!

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