Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars date with Hubby: No spoilers

Today was the day we have been waiting for. The opening of Star Wars meant a date with Hubby. We bought tickets online through the Athens Movie Palace website and headed over when the theater opened.I have two things to say about the Star Wars move If you like Star Wars, then you will love this movie! If you don't like Star Wars, a good therapist may be able to fix you right up.

The film wasn't shot in 3D, so we opted for the old fashion 2D and weren't disappointed. Athens Movie Palace was busy, but not crowded for the 11:30 am showing on 12/18. The line at the concession stand moved quickly. No one was in costume, so I'm glad that we resisted the urge.

We only had to sit through two or three previews before the distinctive Star Wars movie theme began. It was not the only time that we would be on the edge of our seats! The movie had lots of action, explosions, fight scenes, twists and spaceships. The storyline of this Star Wars movie blended with the other versions.

I was apprehensive that the creators would look at the original versions, turn left and never look back. That never happened. Sure, the surroundings are new, there are lots of new characters, some familiar ones, but there is strong consideration to the feel of the previous movies. Special effects are stunning and the character development worked.

This reaction says it all.

We enjoy movies and different types of venues. The Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, and the Movie Palace in Athens are two that have the most charm. Where do you like to go?

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