Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Be My Valentine and I’ll be Yours

We survived Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve and have just about reached the end of January.  That means the next ‘holiday’ is Valentine’s Day, February 14,2016.  I know I don’t have to remind the ladies out there, but sometimes men need a reminder or two!

While a large box of assorted chocolates might put a big smile on your significant other’s face, it won’t last long…I know it wouldn’t in my house!  A large bouquet of red roses might make a lady cry, but again, they won’t last long.  Besides, you want to make the day special, so do something different, let your Valentine know she has your love and devotion.

While you might not be able to give her a week at an exclusive resort, you can give her a lovely time of relaxation at a day spa.  Do a little research on what is available where you live.  When the spa time is finished and she is glowing, take her out for a romantic dinner.  You will score big points!

If you don’t have the big bucks it takes for the spa and dinner, why not give her a relaxing day at a home spa.  Send the kids to family for the day and set the romance in motion by drawing a bubble bath, complete with candles and romantic music. 

After such a bath a lady may be happy to have a home cooked meal that you shop for, prepare and clean up after!  I would vote for that myself!

While you can purchase a Hallmark card with a beautiful saying, why not use your own words.  Make a card, it doesn’t have to be professional quality, and it will mean much more to her knowing you created it. 

Some people think that Valentine’s Day is just another commercial event in order for card stores, candy stores and flower shops to make money.  But when you get right down to it, Valentine’s Day is a just another day on the calendar. You should love and respect your significant other every day of the year.

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