Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How I Combat the Winter Blahs

If you are the kind of person who loves winter and you look forward to snow, ice, sleet and sunless skies – then you probably won’t want to hear what I have to say.  I am not a winter person, never was and never will be.  If we only had spring and summer I’d be happy.

But I do have to suffer through the winter blahs and I will tell you how I combat them.  It is rather simple really. 

How to combat the winter blahs – plan a summer vacation

This is the time of year I sit down at the computer and bring up my favorite website – (Vacation Rentals By Owner).  This is the way I search for the perfect rentals for us and it might be perfect for you also.

Pier to beach
I can smell the salt Low Country Saltwater....

We love the Low Country of South Carolina:  Beaufort, Lady’s Island and St. Helena.  I start out in January searching those areas looking for any new rental cottages that I haven’t seen before.  Over the years some of the homes on the program have left, while new ones have joined.  If you used VRBO but didn’t find what you want or need, try checking again you might be surprised.

If you aren’t not quite sure where you want to vacation, but you want something different, you only need to Google.  Let’s say you want to find a new vacation spot in Kentucky.  Google, “Off the beaten path vacation spots in Kentucky” or similar wording.  You should get a list of sites to check out.  Who knows what you might find waiting for you.

Read other travel blogs for ideas, listen to your friends talk about their vacation, even TV commercials or TV shows can give you ideas.  The other day I watched Food Network Stars take the 3-day Disney Cruise.  Naturally the show was mostly about food.  During the cruise they went through 10,000 pounds of Tenderloin.  On that cruise you don’t need to ask, “Where’s the Beef?”

Cruise ship

I saw an interesting commercial for river cruises.  If you don’t want to cruise around the ocean for whatever reason, check out American Cruise Lines website and book a river cruise on the Mighty Mississippi or The Chesapeake Bay or rivers in Florida.  They even have theme-based cruises such as Lobster Cruises,  Food and Wine or Mississippi Music.  This website has a ‘boat-load’ of information so check it out!

Start planning your summer vacation now, beat the rush and get better prices.  This is a great way to beat the Winter Blahs!

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