Tuesday, March 15, 2016

McClung Museum: free things to do in Knoxville

The McClung Museum has been a field trip mainstay for schools in Knoxville for as long as I can remember. This free museum in Knoxville is on the University of Tennessee campus. Pull up at the guard shack on Circle Park Drive and tell them you are visiting the McClung Museum and you'll get a parking permit during the week. (It's free too.)

I went with friends on a University of Tennessee football game off weekend and didn't even need that. We were waved right on in.

The Egypt, Native American and Civil War exhibits were each very interesting. Several displays were interactive and child-friendly. We saw a couple of short films while we were there as well.

When it comes to free museums in Knoxville, there is little worry about overspending. I was as surprised that the McClung Museum has a very small gift shop, as my husband was relieved. There were a few tables of gift shop items, a few snacks and that's about it. We did put a few bucks in the optional, low key donation box.

Our adult group spent just over a couple hours there, but easily could have spent all afternoon. We missed almost all of the downstairs. Closing time made us leave. How long you spend will depend entirely on your interest in history.

I talk more about our visit to the McClung Museum in this video.

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