Friday, April 08, 2016

Bridesmaids dresses on Amazon

"You can order bridesmaid dresses on Amazon?" Even my husband seemed surprised at first. After all, you typically look to Amazon for wedding supplies, books, downloads for the reception playlist or for any number of things. Bridesmaids dresses don't usually make the list.

Wedding planning means looking for the best deals possible. In my household this means leaving no stone left unturned in the hunt for the best deals. It pays to comparison shop. Amazon doesn't always have the lowest price. Flatware for the wedding was less expensive at my local Sam's Wholesale Club. Wal-mart was lower on some miscellaneous items.

Amazon blew competitors out of the water when it came to the price of the dresses. We found cute styles at less than half what the bridal shop wanted. Talk about savings!

My daughter also went with them for the convenience. Each bridesmaid can easily order no matter where she lives. The dress will arrive in a few days and size charts help avoid alterations. It should be a streamlined, easy process.

I've already ordered several items for the wedding and packing cubes for her to use on the honeymoon. A few more items are in process, but mentioning them here will spoil her surprise. Given everything that you can buy here, is it really a surprise that you can order bridesmaids dresses from Amazon? Probably not.

Wedding planning will kick into overdrive as we get closer to July. Keep following my blog for updates and tips that we pick up along the way. If my other daughter's experience with her wedding cake is any indication, the preparations will be a fun (if wild) drive.

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