Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our wedding sources for photography, linens and more

Wedding update! The planning for my eldest daughter is on track. The gorgeous wedding gown from David's Bridal has lots of lace. Although it's a departure from what some brides are choosing, the stye suits her personality. We have to wait for a photo. She has forbidden me from posting photos anywhere until after the nuptials. Look for pictures after mid-summer.

You probably saw my post about bridesmaids' dresses a couple of weeks ago. We ordered them off of Amazon at a fraction of the cost of a dress shop. It's an unusual place to look for dresses, but it worked. We got a nice style at a price that fit the budget.

Our luck continues with photography. An e-friend is tasked with taking photos. I've admired his work for almost two years now and am looking forward to working with him in person. His prices are reasonable and the pictures on his website look great. What's not to be excited about? Here's his GooglePlus profile.

The all-important selfie station is ready to assemble thanks to help from another e-friend. We have official Mardi Gras beads from my YouTube friends at Modigazzi Travels. They are traveling the country in an RV and homeschooling their children in the process. Travel along with them on this channel.

Wedding reception linens are from Linen Table Cloth. We have 120 royal blue napkins, some white ones, table runners, table cloths and everything else you can think of. We discovered the value of investing in linens when my younger daughter married. We purchased several items and sold them as used after the reception. The end dollar amount was about the same as plastic and less than renting. Plus, another bride was able to have a beautiful wedding and it kept waste out of a landfill.

We're buying china this time in an effort to further reduce our carbon footprint. The pieces don't match, but they do look pretty together. Another 20 plates and we are finished. It will be a good feeling.

The nuptials will be exchanged in July. I will be posting more about wedding venues and the reception menu closer to time. We've also had calls about livestreaming from family and friends who can't come in and are investigating possible options. My camera will handle the job if the church wifi signal is strong enough for the link. We'll have more information on that later.

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