Friday, April 08, 2016

Straight Talk prepaid ZTE Z289 4G hotspot keeps me connected

File this in your travel tip hat. My prepaid hotspot frequently saves my tail when I am on the road. Sometimes there isn't a coffee house with a stable internet connection for miles. My next best bet is to find a fast food restaurant, but they are notorious for having too few electrical outlets and too many users. Let's not even talk about hotels that are starting to charge for internet service now.

Keep in mind, I do not work for Straight Talk. I do not make money from their products and no one is paying me to say nice things about the mifi hotspot or their service. I'm doing it because I like to stay connected when I travel and know that you do too. Saving money is also important to all of us.

The following is a video that I made about the product. It's an unboxing so you can see everything that comes with the ZTE 4G mifi.

Prepaid means that the hotspot can be activated when the need arises. There is no problem if I need internet this month, but not next. Prepaid takes away the monthly bill. All I did was pay for the mifi in advance and activate with a service card from Wal-Mart.A video on how to set up the service will be out soon. Keep checking the blog for updates.

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