Friday, April 15, 2016

This dog misses his human

Great news! The dog has been rehomed to a loving family.The new owners have another dog or two and know what it takes to keep this guy happy and healthy. To make the lost dog more adoptable, I gave him a bath and took him for a rabies vaccination straight off the bat. The vet unsuccessfully checked for a mirochip. Plans are in the works for his new forever family to neuter him, get him used to a leash, play with him vigorously and get him a microchip!

We tried everything we could think of to find his owner. Fliers were distributed at a local ministers meeting so the information could get out to the congregations, others were placed at the community center,  library and stores. I used Facebook, my blog  here and other social media sites to get word out about the lost dog. We (my family helped) lost track of how many times the post was shared locally. Everyone we came across wanted to help.

The meeting with his new family happened on Sunday. I wish you could have been there! They hit it off almost instantly. The dog seemed to really, really, really like the tummy rub from the boy who will be taking care of him (with supportive help from mom and dad). The pre-teen boy is interested in dog training and maybe agility. I can attest that the dog likes to jump!

At the end, the pup hopped into his new owners car and claimed a seat. He was off to a new land filled with chew toys, yummy dog treats and lots of love.


This dog misses his human. Can you help me find his family? This article was posted April 15, 2016. He  showed up at my house a couple days ago. He was crouched under a chair and shaking when we first saw him. (I should say, when our dog saw him since that's who found him first. )

He came out from under the chair shortly  after we put Tomlin back inside the house. It was a cautious step forward, tail and ears down, another step... We must have passed the test because he warmed to us quickly.

The guys has a collar but no tag. He's not microchipped or neutered. His long fur is black with some white mixed in. The little guy has some gorgeous blue eyes. They are sad right now because he isn't home. I'm withholding the color of the dog collar as an owner identifier.

Please share this post if you live near Athens, TN. I have a few additional photos on my Facebook page. Email me if you are his owner or know where his home is.

Thanks for your help! 😃

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