Monday, May 16, 2016

Big mission trip announcement!

I have a big announcement tonight. I am going back to Alaska next summer 2017! A mission team out of our church is forming now. There is the first meeting interest only, this coming Sunday. It should be a lot of fun. We are not sure yet if I will drive or fly. It would be nice to drive the Alaska Highway again, if the team has items they don't want to ship.

 That is what we did last time and it worked out pretty well. Nothing ever goes 100% smoothly, and this past trip had its car repair challenges, but worth the hassle.

A couple of people remarked that we had so many car problems on the trip. There were two issues. One of them was in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the other was on the Alaska Highway. In St. Paul and we developed a small oil leak that was easily repaired and on the highway I our water pump went out.

 It is always vital to have the vehicle looked at before leaving for any trip. We did that. Neither of these are things that the mechanics could readily see at home.

The Alaska Highway is not a bad drive. It is merely a long one. Actually it is a very long one. We ended up with just under 12,000 miles on the van. This is about what a normal car with drive in some areas over the course of an entire year. What is interesting for us is that we drive so much that the mileage wasn't hugely different from about four months worth of mileage here and around home.

We are always having to be on the go to different meetings and such . Those travels often take us 75 miles in either the north or south direction. I guess that is how I have 365,000 miles on my PT cruiser. It is a 2005.

When you put it in that perspective of the number of miles spread out over a one-year period, it makes sense that something is going to go wrong on a 12,000 mile trip. Who can say that they go in a single year without even one car repair issue? I certainly can't. Although, I may have more than others given the mileage on my vehicle.

 But I digress, the planning is in the works now for the next Alaska trip and I am very excited to see where the road/airplane takes us.

We are looking at going to Seward Alaska which is absolutely breathtakingly amazingly stunning. I will fill you in on more details as they develop both here on this blog and also on the YouTube channel so be sure to check that frequently.

 If you have any comments or suggestions for the trip or the mission trip, planning, make sure to leave them in the comment section below . That will help me and other people too.

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