Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The July 4th Holiday Weekend is Approaching!

Get out the red, white and blue and be prepared for the big July 4th weekend!  Show your patriotic spirit and enjoy it!  No matter how you celebrate, whether by attending parades or picnics, please be careful.  There will be drinking involved and it is imperative that you don’t drink and drive.  Don’t let your friends or loved ones get behind the wheel with a buzz on.  As they say in the PSA – buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Whether you call it a 4th of July celebration or an Independence Day celebration it means the same thing.  It celebrates the day in 1776 when the 13 original colonies declared independence from Great Britain.  We broke away from them to become independent.  To read a more detailed explanation of what it all means check out this link from History. com. 

While the celebrations will most like be held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at various places, the same safety measures should be in place.  Besides not drinking and driving, the same goes operating a boat on a lake, river or ocean.  Impaired driving can kill no matter if it is a car or boat.  Don’t ruin your life or the life of others.

If you are having or attending a pool party be sure to keep an eye on the kids.  My feeling has always been that every child should know how to swim.  You just never know when those lessons could save your child’s life.  I grew up in the city, no pool, just a hose to cool off with.  Yet I took swimming lessons at the local university because my mother insisted I know how to swim and I am glad she did.

While shooting off fireworks in your backyard might be fun for an hour, it is also a good way to wind up at the ER.  Leave the fireworks to the professionals.  Go to a fireworks display put on by those who know what they are doing.  With as dry as it in my neck of the woods, and other places across the country, setting off fireworks could be deadly.  Don’t risk burning down hour home or property.

Waive your American Flag!  Have a fun and safe July 4th weekend, just use your head!  Party safe, travel safe!

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