Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Warm Weather Means Lakeside Fun

Living in New Jersey most of our lives we were used to having fresh seafood either at a restaurant at the shore (the Jersey Shore is referred to as ‘the shore’) or at restaurants in our local area.  Not so much here in land-locked Tennessee!  We can buy seafood within an hour’s ride that originated in South Carolina or Georgia so we are not doing without totally! (But it’s not the same.)

While we don’t have an ocean here, we do have lakes – lots of lakes.  Sure, they are not natural; they were created by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to aid in flood control. They provide electricity and as a side item, as well as giving boaters, swimmers and fishermen a place to enjoy those activities.

To combine boating, fishing, swimming and eating – the answer is a lakeside marina.  We have a few such marinas along Watts Bar Lake.  I forgot to mention camping – there are marinas that are overflowing with RV’s that people vacation in or even spend entire summers.  What do these people have in common besides the water?  Food…they all have to eat.

Entrance door is where the ramp is, restroom doors to the left - yes - you have to go outside to 'go'

Since many boaters and campers bring food with them from home, there are always some who still like to go to a restaurant and enjoy someone else’s cooking.  One such place is the Crows Nest Bar and Grill in Ten Mile, Tennessee.  I found their ad quite by accident but ventured there Friday afternoon on purposes.

Looking out at the marina

It is only open Thursday through Sunday keep that in mind, although their website doesn’t mention being open Thursday.  The main dining area has lots of windows looking out at the marina…it is very relaxed and casual place.  They also have a porch area with tables but it was very warm and I prefer eating inside with the a/c going!

Lots of fries and slaw

We didn’t know what to expect but I will say the atmosphere was better than we thought.  Some of the food was good, some not so wonderful.  Example, my husband had the 10 ounce hamburger steak, fries and cole slaw.  The fries were extremely hot, but his hamburger steak was cold.  He said it all tasted good but he wished they had gravy for the meat, but they didn’t.  He left stuffed however.

The photo makes the fish portion look big, but it wasn't

On the other hand I ordered fish of the day which was grilled Tilapia.  I had to pay $3 extra for a dinner salad that had about 10 pieces of baby greens and a baked potato.  I did that since I don’t care for any of their sides.  The salad was not filling; the fish was not filling so thank goodness for the potato!

The prices are a little high, but were expected.  The service was good until just before we left.  It was payday and the entire crew spent a lot of time behind the bar discussing their checks, which seemed a little rude to me.  No one even thanked us for coming or gave any indication they noticed us leaving. 

Photo of the bar prior to the 'big meeting'

All things considered, I don’t think we will be revisiting the Crows Nest Bar and Grill.  I couldn’t wait to get home and have a snack since I was hungry!  If you are into fries and burgers, maybe you might like the place.  You can check out their website here and make up your own mind.  I am an extremely fussy eater, my husband, on the other hand, not so much!

You can check out their website for the menu as well as directions.  It’s your choice, sink or swim!

Photos belong to AbbyG

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