Wednesday, July 06, 2016

If something happens to you, who would take care of your pets?

It is never too soon to make plans for the future.  Be prepared so that your pet(s) will be taken care of according to your wishes.

Many people don’t think about the future.  Many younger couples say they don’t have a will.  They think they have nothing of value.  They are wrong; if they own anything they have something of value.  What about kids?  If you have kids have you taken into consideration who would get them if something happens to you?  There is much to think about and now is the time to put a plan into action.

My husband and don’t plan on becoming incapacitated or worse, dying.  However, it can and will happen at some point.  We have a will, which takes care of the ‘stuff’….but I got to thinking who would get the dog?  Who do I trust enough to take Ruby and give her a loving home?

Let’s say my husband and I are in a fatal car accident and Ruby is at home nice and comfy, all alone.  How will anyone know she is here alone and who would be responsible for taking care of her.  We don’t want her to wind up at a shelter and we have no family members close by.

We had a plan in place and it seemed to be a good one, but we are now in the process of amending it.  Here’s what our new plan will be.  We have friends that live about two hours from here.  They have the key to our home.  If something happens to us they would be notified and they would come here and pick up Ruby. 

At that point they would notify another couple, friends from another state that are moving to the next town over from us. I know they will give her a loving home.  They have a yellow lab a few years younger than our girl.  They have agreed that they would take her in a heartbeat.  They said they were honored that we asked.  

I hope they let her sleep on their furniture!

Or swim in their pool....

We just proposed this to them at our July 4th get together.  Now we will put a ‘formal’ document in place so that both couples know exactly what to do and how to handle the situation.

What about your Fido or Princess, have you made plans just in case?  

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