Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A fulfilling trip to Mother Earth Meats, Maryville, Tennessee

Last Fall I discovered Mother Earth Meats in Maryville, Tennessee.  We purchased two steaks, two different cuts, to try them out.  The bottom line was they were well worth the money.

A really good place to shop

We live about an hour and fifteen minutes from that butcher shop so it took a while to get back there, but get back we did.  Last week we took a road trip to load up on meat.  

It was a nice ride up to Maryville and the store was open when we got there.  We chatted with the man behind the counter.  We still aren’t sure if he was the owner or not.  I should have asked him.  I did mention to the man the name of the town we live in and how long the ride was to get there.

They only had three NY Strip Steaks in the display case and my husband said we would take them.  I knew three wasn’t enough so I told the man, “Give us three more.”  We also picked out one Rib Eye and an Eye Round Roast.  My husband’s was extremely happy when the man asked if we would like him to vacuum seal the meat individually….which would have been my husband’s job when we got home.  So he saved us time and a bunch of vacuum sealer bags.

Mother  Earth Meats beef display

This is not a cheap place; you aren’t going to get a steak for ten bucks.  This is expensive meat, but it’s worth it since it isn’t fatty or tough and it is very flavorful.  We get tired of tossing meat in the trash and by buying the good stuff we fill our bellies not our trash can.

As he checked us out at the register he asked if we liked chicken.  I said I do but my husband not so much.  Off he went to the poultry case and came back with a vacuum sealed bag containing chicken.  He said it was a gift since we drove so far.  That was very nice of him and we truly appreciate the fact he is considerate of his customers.

After we paid and our thanks and good-byes we were off to one more stop – the Shrimp Dock in Maryville, which is about an 8 minute ride from Mother Earth Meats.  To read my article on the Shrimp Dock – just click on this link.

We had a few stops along the way – peaches at a roadside stand in Vonore and lunch at a little place in Madisonville and when we finally got home we spread out our loot on the counter.  What a nice sight to see, all that delicious beef vacuum sealed and neatly labeled. Off to the side is a pile of seafood from the Shrimp Dock.

Our haul from Mother Earth Meats and the Shrimp Dock

Needless to say that evening we shared a NY Strip Steak (it was delicious) and a shrimp cocktail (also delicious)…..a good day from start to finish.

Mother Earth Meats - employees making sausage.

Photos belong to AbbyG

You can check out their website for more information on what they sell and the prices.

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