Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just because its fall doesn’t mean vacations are over

When we lived in the north Labor Day was the day summer ended for most people.  Since schools usually start the day after Labor Day most pools closed.  Everything was put away until the following May.  Not so the case in the south. 

South Carolina's Low Country
September and October are probably the best months to be in the south. Whether living here or on vacation here.  Since schools are in session most of the tourists are couples, many senior citizens.  If you want to take a dip in the ocean off the coast of South Carolina or Georgia, then September and October weather is perfect for that.  The beaches are practically empty so you can get a ‘good spot’ up close to where the surf meets the sand.

Restaurants are not as crowded either and off season can also save you some bucks on those hotel/motel rooms and restaurants.  Saving money means you will enjoy your vacation even more.

The dog will enjoy the pool for weeks to come.
Speaking of swimming, if you have a backyard pool, you know you still have a lot of time to enjoy it.  In my neck of the woods we usually close ours mid-October, compared to the end of August back in New Jersey.  If you have a heated pool you can enjoy it even longer and the further south you are your season is really extended.

If you are into amusements parks, the same theory prevails.  They won’t be totally empty, but with kids in school there will be shorter lines and that means more opportunity to re-ride your favorites.  Neither my husband nor I are into rides so you won’t be seeing us at any amusement park.

My husband's Blue Ribbon for his pickled tomatoes.

It is also County Fair time and festival time.  While some counties held theirs in August, the majority are coming up in September and even October.  Some charge admission while others offer free admission.  Our little county’s fair has no admission.  The price of that has been donated by a few of our outstanding citizens in order for more people to enjoy the festivities.

The Bradford Pear - first to bloom in spring, last to turn colors in fall.
Last but not least, this is the time of year for fall colors and you probably already know I’m going to say the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a wonderful place to see those colors.

It is safe to assume that you can find some deals on hotels and such in September.  Many of the VRBO/Home Away rentals I checked have much lower rates for off season.  And don’t forget to use your bargaining skills – ask for discounts, there is no harm in asking.

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