Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Fall means Festivals, Bazaars and other Fun Times in East Tennessee

Well folks, those of you who asked for cooler temperatures sure got your wish.  We went from 97 degrees to 79 degrees in a day.  Burrr…

But colder temps means you can walk around outside at some of the upcoming festivals and not sweat or need gallons of cold water.  Seriously, the frost still isn’t on the pumpkin but it’s coming so get out and get yourself a pumpkin before it gets to that point.

October Fun Times

If you are into apples, then you want to head to the Unicoi County Apple Festival to be held this coming weekend (Oct 7th and 8th).  They will have things for the kids to do as well as adults and of course lots and lots of apples. It is a beautiful area if you just want to take a ride. Call 423-743-3000 for more information or go to their website

If cranberries are your thing go to Shady Valley, Tennessee for the 24th Annual Cranberry Festival October 14th and 15th.  You can dine on a bean dinner on the 14th and fill up your belly with a pancake breakfast on the 15th.  There will be vendors and all kinds of food. Sounds like my kind of place.  For more information call 423-727-5800.

Do you enjoy crafty items?  Then you are in luck because from October 7th through the 16th it is Craft Week in Tennessee.   Craft items get more and more popular each year. Since I don’t craft myself, I like to buy things others have made. I can’t list all the places that will be participating click this link.

Are you ready to shop?  If you are in the Athens area head over to the Annual Christmas Bazaar at the McMinn County Senior Activity Center and do your thing on November 18th and 19th.  There you will be able to pick up some great gifts or even something for yourself.  A few things to look for are Christmas ornaments and wreaths.  My husband and I went a few years ago and they had a wonderful baked goods table that caught my eye. Needless to say I got a wonderfully delicious cake.  Hope they have more this of the same this year. Call 423-745-6830.

This is just a small sampling of festivals and bazaars taking place.  You can find more ideas, just click this link.  I also know you can find more information online and in your local newspapers.  Places like Rock City have all kinds of events, just go to their website.  Mayfield Dairy in Athens has their corn maze up and running.  Be adventurous, get outside and enjoy the weather, shop and eat and have fun.

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