Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Heavenly Café and BBQ, Decatur, Tennessee

About 4 years ago, there was an empty restaurant in Decatur, Tennessee.   Around this time of year, the Blueberry Pig was born.  We enjoyed it for a few reasons, one of which was the fact the location is only a few minutes from us.  We liked the food and the service, but the place went downhill, changed management/workers, etc.

The sign that will soon adorn the front of the building

The owners/staff/management team changed several times and the name went from the Blueberry Pig to Rocky Top Café.  Now the new, most current, name is Heavenly Café and BBQ.   It officially opened for business November 1st.

We went for an early dinner the following day and hoped that they had things under control.  Not much changed.  Sure, the name changed, but some faces were the same.   There were a few new servers but that is to be expected.  The manager under the previous name is now the owner and she is a hard worker and is excited to own her own restaurant. 

The menu is basically the same as when it was Rocky Top Cafe which is great for us.  My husband loves the bbq items and I usually go for the grilled chicken sandwich.  They will still have specials on weekends.  We noticed they had a sign up this past weekend advertising prime rib or a seafood platter.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Baked Potato

There is a big addition – they are now open for breakfast at 7:00 am.  I am not sure how breakfast is going to go over since we have a local café already that serves a great breakfast, plus McDonalds and Hardees serve breakfast.  Time will tell and we plan to check it out!

Philly Cheesesteak, messy but very good!

If you ever find yourself in Decatur, Tennessee and are hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner – stop in to Heavenly Café and BBQ.  Everything is fresh cooked as ordered and their bbq is smoked on the premises.

You can order pancakes, eggs and bacon, breakfast sandwiches or biscuits in the morning and a nice burger and fries for lunch and a steak or pulled pork for dinner.  There is something for everyone at the new Heavenly Café and BBQ.

Heavenly Café is located at 18194 Highway 58, Decatur, TN. You can check out their Facebook page here.

Photos belong to AbbyG

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