Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Help might be as close as your mailbox

I have been using a laptop computer, age approximately 5.  I not only wore the keys down to the nub, some of them no longer worked.  Not only that, but it was getting slower and slower by the hour.  I knew the time was coming and I took the plunge.

QVC had a deal, a really good deal I might add, so I bought a new Dell complete with Office and a bunch of free software.  The unit arrived last Monday and with a lot of fear I opened the box and took out my new play toy.  Fear not of the computer itself but of Windows 10.  Since I had been using Windows 7 and loved it, I didn’t look forward to the big learning curve.

I managed to do a few things myself and got a little over confident.  Part of the free software was a program to transfer everything from the old to the new one.  I worked on that for 3 hours and got so confused I was ready to throw the whole mess in the Tennessee River.  I put it away and called the computer guy I used for 5 years.

Received a call back, and was told I would get another call later that day with a time/date for the guy to come here.  No call the rest of that day, nor the next.  The third day the new phone book came in the mail…all 50 pages of it LOL. 

I glanced through the book and decided to look up computer services.  There was more information in the phone book than I found online believe it or not.  I saw a listing for someone local who had 10 years experience and makes house calls.  I called and left a message.  He returned my call within 10 minutes.

I told him my story and he asked if 10 am the following day was good for me…Yes!  Absolutely!  Not only did he show up the next day he was 15 minutes early.  And so it began.  Watching him work fascinated me as his fingers flew across two keyboards almost simultaneously!  He had I all under control. 

Not only did he transfer everything over to the new computer, but he also fixed some other minor issues with the printer and my tablet.  He gave me a quick lesson on Windows 10 and off he went.

I am finding my way around Windows 10 pretty well, better than I was on day one anyway!  I am happy with the computer and I now have a ‘computer guy’ I can call if problems arise.  And it’s all due to the fact the phone book came in the mail at the right time. Sometimes old fashioned ways are far better than modern technology!

Photo belongs to AbbyG

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