Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A culinary delight for seafood love - The Nordic!

While watching one of the many food shows on TV I caught an episode that started out about the big hotels in Las Vegas and the talented chefs who turn out amazing buffets for tourist and locals alike.  I have to admit I was ready to pack my bags and head to Vegas and pig out.  The food looked amazing and almost made a non-flyer ready to jump on a plane and fly west.

The next restaurant they featured is The Nordic.  I have never seen a buffet (and probably never will) so jam packed with seafood, including whole lobsters – and we are talking all you can eat.  One man they talked with said one day he ate 21 of them at one sitting.  Besides lobster, there are shrimp cooked in various way, fish of all kinds, oysters, clams and so much more delights from the sea.  For an added bonus they also have prime rib and……the list goes on and on.

While watching this I said to myself, “I hope this place is close, but it probably isn’t.”  Needless to say my next act was to hit the computer where I googled ‘Nordic’.  It wasn’t hard to find!  I jumped onto their website.  I was right, it isn’t anywhere near me…it is in Charlestown, Rhode Island…a good 15 hour ride from here.  Since we no longer venture that far north we will leave the Nordic and it’s amazing food to you! 

What jumped right off their home page and smacked me right between the eye was the price…the buffet (which includes all the food you can eat) comes in at $96 per adult.  That prices does include soda/coffee/tea, tax and 10% tip.  There is also a two hour ‘eating’ limit.  I wonder if that limit has always been in place or they learned a lesson the hard way?  I can’t imagine eating for two hours although I believe there are people who could make a good dent in that buffet in that amount of time.

I do not normally write about a location unless I have actually been there myself.  The Nordic Lodge is an exception.  I read many of the wonderful reviews on Trip Advisor and if you think are interested in visiting the Nordic be sure to read them yourself.  Believe me, if this restaurant was in driving distance or if we had a trip planned to that area you would be getting a ‘real’ review from me!

They do provide a short lodging list of place nearby, which is helpful if you are traveling a distance.  They do have beautiful grounds to relax in and enjoy before or after you pig out!  I think after a trip or two or three through their food lines that a nap would be in order!  Just reading about the food and looking at the photos, I’m stuffed!

They reopen for the season on April 21, 2017 so plan accordingly!!  Check out their website and drool!

Photos: Pixabay

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