Wednesday, December 07, 2016

LongHorn Steakhouse, Cleveland, TN

My husband and I had a piece of property for sale and we finally sold it a few weeks ago.   We decided that our celebration dinner would be at LongHorn Steakhouse.   A friend had posted a photo on Facebook of his prime rib at LongHorns and I had to check the online menu just to be sure prime rib was an option.  Some restaurants only have it on weekends or as specials. 

Since we eat dinner early we rarely run into a jam-packed restaurant and such was the case that day.  As a matter of fact, at 3:00 pm we were the only customers.  Obviously, we were seated right away!  

Since the first words exchanged were, “I hope you have Prime Rib” and our server said yes, I placed my order – only then did I realize I jumped the gun by not letting her ask what we wanted to drink.  

Along with the medium Prime Rib I ordered a salad and a baked potato.  My husband ordered a Sirloin Steak, salad and baked potato.  We ordered our sodas and off she went to take care of our order.

The sodas were brought out and shortly thereafter she delivered bread which was hot from the oven and very tasty.  We didn’t wait long before the salads arrived.  I will say so far things were going well.  The salads were fresh and crisp and the French dressing had a nice little bite to it.  We had just about finished those salads when the entrees appeared.  This is where the story doesn’t go very well.

Salad was very good.

My husband’s Sirloin Steak was approximately 1/8 of an inch thick, not what he had expected at all.  Not only was it thin, it was very small.  My Prime Rib, on the other hand, was thick and large (12 oz.) and cooked properly.  I cut right into it and the first bite was good.  Then it all fell apart….I tried several more pieces and I could not chew them.

Notice how thin (and small) this sirloin steak was.

By this time there were more customers and our server was busy.  When I finally caught her eye, I told her I couldn’t eat that Prime Rib.  She said she would take care of it and she took the plate and headed to the kitchen.  Not very long after that a man, who I assume was the manager, brought me a new Prime Rib.  I took a bite and it was much better.  He said he would get me another potato (since the original one disappeared along the way).  By the time I cut into the Prime Rib a little further the toughness was back.  At that point I just gave up and ate some of the potato. 

Looks are deceiving - Prime Rib looked great but was awful.

We decided that we would not go there again.  We can get a better (edible) Prime Rib for less money at another restaurant, a little locally owned place in Vonore, TN. Cleveland is a 45-50 minute ride for us and so is Vonore and I’ll take the restaurant with the good Prime Rib any day!

Since LongHorn is right off Interstate 75, I would imagine a lot of their business comes from tourist traffic.  I did notice some of the cars in the lot were from out-of-state.  In that case, there would not be a lot of return business.  I know we won’t return!

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