Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I get ideas for travel destinations from TV!

A few years ago while watching GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) I learned about Helen, Georgia.  Helen is a small town with a big image!  If you want to visit Germany but can’t afford it, your next best option is visit Helen, GA.  It is a very interesting town full of German inspired shops.  What caught my eye was the restaurants and the German bakery.  The bakery was amazing and well worth the trip!  I understand that now there is a second German bakery and that makes us want to head there to check it out!

Not long ago I turned in as I normally do to check out the “Georgia Traveler” on GPB.  The town that was the hot spot of discussion was Dahlonega GA.  I heard a few people discussing it years ago and didn’t put much thought into it.  Now I have a little better understand of the town and its history.  Dahlonega is an old mining town and you can still pan for gold and hope to hit it big!  Once the excitement of that is over you can move to the other big drawl – the wineries.  Yes, the State of Georgia has wineries…who would have thought?!

There are several small wineries in and surrounding the town.  If you are into wine and enjoy local wines, you might want to put Dahlonega, GA on your ‘wish to travel to’ list!  There are some unusual restaurants in town and from reading the descriptions I think no matter what you like to eat you can find it there.  My husband likes the description of the Back Porch Oyster Bar Restaurant.  They have a delightful offering of various seafood items, and seafood is his downfall. 

I was attracted to the candy shop called Fudge Factory– they make fudge and chocolates.  I am not a fudge-fan, but I’ll travel hours for good quality chocolates!  There are more shops than just candy makers and if you check out the website you can find them along with many choices of lodging from B&B’s to cottages/cabins to hotels and even a ranch. 

If Dahlonega, Georgia sounds appealing to you check out their website where you can order a brochure, I got one and it’s a handy booklet to refer to. It is also a good tool to use to convince your husband that you really want to go there!!!   And as a site note – right up the road is Helen, GA and those wonderful German restaurants!

PS:  Don't forget, your TV is a source for travel destination!

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