Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I would like to make a few suggestions to the people who own vacation rentals

I always use VRBO/Home Away for our vacation rentals.  I prefer to deal with the owners than to deal with a management company. I say that all the time, but now I have some other things to say about the owners and to them:

This rental owner had no pet rules so Ruby claimed the sofa!

First things first, if you say 'pets considered' or 'pet friendly' -  be careful using those terms when/if you don't really mean it.  I always ask what the pet rules/regulations are and here are some of the answers:

* Pet has to be under 20 pounds.
* Pet must be crated when left alone.
* Pet must sleep in the garage or on the covered porch.  That means no dogs allowed in the house!
* Keep the furniture covered so flying dog hair will stay off.

Most rentals charge a pet fee and supposedly that’s because of the extra cleaning required.  Some charges are minimal while others charge $100 or more no matter if you stay a night or a week.  Hey, leave a vacuum cleaner where I can reach it and I’ll keep up with the dog hair myself!  I do that now if/when cabin owners leave me something to work with.

I am fine with:
* Dog must be on flea/tick preventative.
* Dog must be leashed when waking the property.
* You must pick up after your dog.
* Any damages done you are responsible for.

A comfy king size bed!

The next topic is beds….yes, they are a necessity and all rentals have them LOL!  However, my husband and I are not small people.  About 4 years ago, we upgraded to a king size bed.  For us to stay in a rental with a queen size bed is not something we want to do.  We have done it, we weren’t comfy.  Maybe one night would be okay, but a week in a queen size bed could mean a disaster.

It never fails I find the perfect cottage or cabin but once I read further into the listing I find they only have queen size, or even in some cases full size beds.  I know that a king size bed is a little costlier than a queen, but once the initial outlay is made the owners have better chance of renting it.  If there isn’t space in the room for it, that’s a different story.  But if there is room please upgrade to king size beds!  I would also be happy if the rentals sites (Home Away/VRBO and others) added ‘king size bed’ as a search criteria.  It would save me (and probably others) time and disappointment.  

I can’t make anyone do anything, but if I make a few suggestions, and others do also, maybe someone will take notice!    You never know what could happen if you just ask and asking is free!

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