Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Black Dog Salvage - Roanoke, Virginia

Have you ever watched the TV show ‘Salvage Dawgs’?  It is a show that has always been of interest to me.  The team reclaims architectural elements from old buildings and sells them in their store – Black Dog Salvage.  A few years ago one of the segments was filmed in Sevierville, TN where they salvaged items from an old movie theater on Highway 66.   

They have reclaimed windows, doors, trim, glass door knobs, safes and a million other items over the course of time.  They remove items and take them back to Roanoke from Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia and of course Virginia.  Black Dog Salvage, the actual company, is in Roanoke, Virginia….and yes, there is a black lab involved named Sally!

The two main guys on the show and at the shop in Roanoke are Robert and Mike.  They are a comedy team for sure and sometimes I get to laughing so hard at their antics I forget about what their goal really is!  They are doing serious, sometimes dangerous, work and they are careful but they still have fun.  If you have never watched the show you are missing some interesting guys!

A few months ago someone I know visited Black Dog Salvage and got to meet Mike.  I was soooo jealous!  I know we can go there if we want but I dread the 5 hour ride each way.  Then, recently, that same person went back again.  I think I need to put some serious thought in going to Roanoke and finding a nice rental for a few days so I can get my fill of Black Dog Salvage.

Roanoke is a city located off of Interstate 81.  The surrounding area is the Blue Ridge Mountains with views and scenery to captivate you. When we made the ride back and forth from TN to NJ a few times a year I didn’t know about this TV show or the shop or we could have visited then.  Oh well, I am working on a plan and planning a trip – I hope!

If you are planning a trip anywhere near Roanoke you might want to check out their website.  I should work on this and then get my husband to agree!!!  I am sure Ruby would like to visit there to meet the black dog in person!  They could keep each other company while I shop LOL!  My lab is always ready for a road trip!

Their website is chuck full of information about Black Dog Salvage so be sure to check it out.  There is a lot of other great things to see and do in Roanoke so spend a day or two and enjoy the area!

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