Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fight travel inflation but don’t give up traveling!

If you plan on visiting Tennessee, or driving through it, after July 1st let me advise you that the State Gas Tax is going up 4 cents per gallon that day.  Let’s say you have a 20-gallon gas tank and you fill it up.  That 4 cents extra per gallon only adds up to 80 cents.  So, before you get all worried about the new increase look at it as a drop in the bucket. 

No matter how you cut it, if you travel you need to buy gas.  If you work you need it.  So paying a few cents more to fill up a tank isn’t going to break most people but it still gives pause to traveling.  Some travelers budget exact amounts of money for gas, food, lodging, etc.  So, it’s easy, just add a little more to the gas budget, rearrange your finances creatively!

Don’t let a few pennies a gallon ruin your vacation.  You can make up that money quite easily by doing simple things:

.  Give up a few of those expensive coffee shop cups of coffee that you like so much.  Make your own coffee at home, it will be better for you and your wallet. 

.  Pack lunches at home for your road trips.  Eating greasy burgers and fries on the road isn’t the best way to go.  Make your family some sandwiches or salads at home and you all will be better off.  Stop at a clean rest area, sit at a ‘free’ picnic table and enjoy your lunch, get some fresh air and relax!

.  Look for coupons and discounts to help lighten the financial burden.  AARP members get hotel/motel discounts so make sure you have your AARP card with you.  You all know now to find discounts on these things so just start acting on that knowledge.  Join the e-clubs that so many restaurants have like Ruby Tuesday for buy one get one half price. 

By the way, right now gas in my neck of the woods is still below $2.00 a gallon.  Enjoy your trip to or through Tennessee and thanks for those extra pennies!


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