Wednesday, May 31, 2017

When packing for a trip don’t forget your medications

I know, you take them daily how can you forget? Things happen, you mean to pack certain things but somehow those precious medications are left sitting at home on the kitchen table.  What to do, what to do? The first thing you need to do prior to the trip – plan!  With a little time and a good mental (or paper) checklist your vacation will run smoother hopefully!

Some tips that I have used the last 20 years:

** I have one of those pill containers that hold 7 days of medications.  I fill it as normal and then I add three more of each pill into the last slot.  That way, if something happens and we should stay an extra day or two I have enough of what I need.  You can see in the photo that I used it for a long time and have worn off the SMTWTFS.  Maybe it is time for a new one!

My 'very well used' 7 day pill container!

** My husband’s medications I treat differently – Since he only takes two pills a day I bring the two bottles and pack them in the suitcase.  He is used to taking his meds that way at home, so why change, it might confuse him.

** I make sure that in my wallet is a list of the medications I take and a list of my husband’s meds also.  He also carries my list as well as his.

** Take your meds the same time of day that you take them at home.  That way you are less likely to forget a dose.

** I make sure to have memorized our doctor’s phone number.  Thank goodness, he has a very easy number to remember!  If I run out I can call them to fax a script to a drug store local to where we are staying.

** I have severe gum issues and I never know when I might get an infection.  When that happens, I need to get on antibiotics as soon as possible.  I usually tell my dentist’s assistant that if I call her while we are on vacation that means I need meds.  She then would get the dentist to write a script and fax it to a pharmacy where I am staying. 

** Our kitchen island is the spot I use as the landing zone for the meds we need along with other last minute items.  If they get put on the island then they will get packed and all will be well!

** Many of us travel with our pets.  Make sure to have your vet’s phone number with you.  If your pet is on meds, pack them when you pack the food, toys, treats.

With a little thought and preparation you can have a happy and healthy vacation!

Photo belongs to AbbyG

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