Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Brother’s Restaurant, Murphy, North Carolina – A great find and a great meal!

If you are looking for a place to eat in Murphy, North Carolina that has lots of parking, a casual atmosphere, good food and reasonable prices – I have just the place for you!  Having recently spent 5 days in Murphy we tried several restaurants and we found ‘Brother’s Restaurant’ to be quite enjoyable.

Very nice casual atmosphere at Brother's Restaurant!

It is in a strip mall but don’t let that turn you off.  While the curb appeal leaves a little to be desired, the interior is clean, comfortable and casual.  The employees were friendly and helpful.  The portions were generous and you won’t leave hungry.

My husband ordered his usual drink, Sprite, and I ordered a lemonade.  I find lemonade is very refreshing on a hot day, and it was hot out!  We sipped our drinks while checking out the menu. Our server also brought out dinner rolls at the same time.

I could go for that salad bar right now!!!

We both ordered the salad bar, which was extra, but worth it.  Just a few of the items are:  two kinds of greens, carrots, cheese, baby corn, broccoli, grape tomatoes and the best pickled beets I’ve ever eaten!  They also had prepared salads and at least 8 types of salad dressing and don’t forget the croutons! 

Blackened Shrimp and wild rice.

My husband ordered the blackened shrimp, wild rice and Cole slaw, which also came with a few hush-puppies.  He said all his items were very good, including the hush-puppies which normally he doesn’t care for!

Rib Eye cooked perfectly!

I ordered the rib eye steak, baked potato and spiced apples.  The steak was cooked medium well, which was how I ordered it.  The potato was hot and the apples were like dessert.

We eat early, as I’ve stated many times, so we basically had the place to ourselves except for two tables.  But just as we were leaving several customers arrived followed by a group of about 16 consisting of couples and kids.  It seems like a very kid friendly place. 

I didn’t check out the restroom, but I would assume it’s as clean as the dining room and host area.  They do sell gift items so if you are looking for a last-minute gift you might find a cute item there.  They even sell Murphy post cards!

All things considered, if Brother’s Restaurant was in our neck of the woods we would go there once a week for sure.  Therefore, unless you are looking for a white table cloth restaurant with high prices, Brother’s is a great option!

Brother’s Restaurant - check their website for the menu, etc.
1466 Andrews Road
Murphy, NC

Photos belong to AbbyG

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