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Murphy’s Chophouse, Murphy, North Carolina

Almost hidden away on a back street in downtown Murphy you will find Murphy’s Chophouse.  As you enter you will catch a look their outdoor patio area where you can dine alfresco.  Being hot and humid outside, inside in the refreshing air conditioning was a better choice.  We were greeted upon arrival and shown to a booth.  A white tablecloth and neatly folded white napkins held the utensils.  

Beautiful Dining Area!

The dinner menu begins at 4:00 pm and since we are early eaters that was fine.  We were there 10 minutes too early however, so our server took our drink order and we sat patiently waiting until the time she would take the rest of our order.  While the dining room was all set up and ready servers were back and forth getting other things ready for the dinner crowd.  I will note that after a while the air conditioning was no longer refreshing – it was freezing in there.

Finally, our server, forgive me but I don’t remember her name since she didn’t really impress me, said although it was not 4 she would take our order.  When they say 4 pm they obviously mean it.  We sort of laughed about how difficult is it to take the order before 4.  Oh well, if you go there make sure to go after 4 or prepare to wait.

I had checked out their menu online and was torn between the Prime Rib and their Chophouse Shellfish Platter. I sometimes change my mind a few times, but that is a woman’s prerogative, isn’t it?

I finally decided that even though the Prime Rib’s description had the word ‘garlic’ I decided to order it anyway.  With the entrees you get choice of Caesar Salad or Chophouse Salad.  I asked for the Chophouse salad but without the onions and cucumbers and with honey mustard dressing instead of their house dressing.  They have several potato options and I took baked potato.  The entrees also come with a house veggie.

My husband ordered the Shellfish Platter which consisted of a bowl loaded with a ton of butter with about 6 nice size shrimp, a small lobster tail and he got two of what they call crab cakes.   He ordered their melted blue cheese wedge fries which he loved and he also received the house veggie.  Neither of us ate the house veggie mixture which was several unrecognizable veggies cut in small pieces.

He was prepared to dig into his salad!

We didn’t time the order but it did seem like the salads and bread were served quickly but our entrees took quite a while.  At that point we were the only customers in the place and were wondering why.  We can’t possibly be the only people who eat dinner early, or maybe we are!

Finally, the food arrived.  I had asked several questions and made several requests, and while the server did answer or do as I requested, she was not overly friendly and seemed a little annoyed that I asked.  The only time she showed a smile and a decent attitude was when she brought the check, go figure!

My husband enjoyed the shrimp and lobster and even the fries, but the crab cakes were not what we consider crab cakes,  They were round fried balls of filler…no crab meat at all.  He tried one and ate a few bites but he wasn’t thrilled.

Excellent Prime Rib!

My prime rib, as you can see from the photo, was served exactly the way I ordered it – medium.  There was absolutely no garlic flavor at all thank goodness.  The prime rib was the absolute best I have had in the 17 years I’ve lived in the south.  It was well worth the wait and the price.  The baked potato was just that, a small potato that was baked, nothing special.  I ignored the house veggie.

When I write a restaurant review I try to be as honest as possible.  I wanted the prime rib and it lived up to my expectations.  It was worth the waiting and the not so friendly service to get a cut of beef as fine as the one I had. 

As we were just finishing up a rather loud group of people came in the restaurant and the peace and quiet level all of a sudden went through the roof.  They talked extremely loud and if we were not almost ready to leave I would have asked the server to ask them to tone it down.  They were dressed and acted more appropriately for McDonalds down the road.

The restroom that I visited was very clean and the two stalls were so large they had chairs!  Nicely done! 

That is the long and the short of Murphy’s Chophouse.  Granted everyone is not as picky as I am, but it’s my money and I should get what I want.  While we probably won’t be visiting Murphy again in the foreseeable future, if we were I might try the Chophouse just for the prime rib and I would be prepared for slow and possibly unfriendly service.  I would give this restaurant a 10 for cleanliness and décor, a 6 for customer service and a 9+ for the prime rib, but 7 for the other food.

On their website under ‘menus’ there is a category called ‘early bird menu.  As of the day were ate there I was told that menu is no longer in use.  Then why leave it there, remove it, you are confusing people!

Photos belong to AbbyG

Website: click here

Murphy’s Chophouse
130 Valley River Avenue
Murphy, NC

They also have locations in Hiawassee and Lake Burton, GA

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