Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Easy ways to save money - traveling or at home!

We all like to save money and for some it’s a necessity.  Whether you have to or just want to save I will give you a few ideas:

First, we do most of our grocery shopping at Ingles.  Not only do they have decent sales (member card required) but they also have fuel rewards.  For every $100 you spent on groceries, you get 10 cents off the cost of a gallon of gas.  You earn the rewards month-by-month.  Example - rewards I am earning this month (July) have to be redeemed by the end of August.  They don’t carry over month to month.

We used our May rewards points the last week in June.  At that point gas at the Ingles station was $1.73.  We had enough rewards points for 40 cents of a gallon, so we paid $1.33 a gallon.  There is a limit of 20 gallons at the discounted price

If your grocery store has a fuel rewards program, make sure to take advantage of it!  Although gas it at a low not seen in years, saving more money on top of that is a wonderful thing! No matter if you only save 10 or 20 cents off a gallon, it’s money that stays in your pocket.  I know that Kroger has had a fuel rewards program for years and I assume other grocery chains have programs also.

Anyone who eats out likes a deal and so many restaurants have e-clubs that you can join in order to get specials or even free items on your birthday.  Not all restaurants advertise the programs so be sure to ask or check online.

I will post a link at the end of this article that gives information on some restaurants as well as movie theaters, stores and motels with deals.  While the deals in the links are stated for senior citizens, many of these companies also offer specials for any age.

We use Farm Bureau for auto and home owner’s insurance.  As members, we can receive savings on different things including motels and theme parks.  The point is, there are free deals or money saving deals all over the place…it might take a little work but it is worth the effort to locate and use them.

It’s your money and it’s worth checking into these things.  What do you do with your ‘old stuff”….toss items in the landfill maybe?  Instead why not sell the stuff.  If you are on Facebook search for yard sale groups in your area.  It’s free and you never know what people are looking to buy.  I have sold everything from A to Z including the kitchen sink!  Seriously!  We just got new carpeting and had two area rugs that we wanted to get rid of.  The carpet outfit wanted $40 to haul them off.  I said, “NO” to that idea.  I listed them on Facebook for free and within a few days I sold them for $80!

Sold the carpet and it didn't wind up in the landfill!

We eat at Ruby Tuesday and enjoy it more because of their ‘buy-one-get-one-half-price’ coupons.  I just got the coupons in the mail so we will be taking advantage of the savings soon.  I think we will be heading to RT’s this week to enjoy ourselves and save money!

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