Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Interesting Places to visit in and around and near Murphy, North Carolina

About 10 years ago we visited a small bakery called Heavenly Bake Shop, in Young Harris, GA.  It turned out they made wonderful bagels.  I was pleased to learn that they are still in business, same owners and the bagels are just as good as I remembered.

This bakery is approximately 30 minutes east of Murphy.  It is a very scenic ride and enjoyable!  We left about 9 am and didn’t run into many cars on the road until we got near Hayesville.

The bakery was just like we remembered and boy did it smell good!!!  I had pre-ordered 10 bagels and they had them ready for me.  I also picked up a delicious muffin and a few cookies.  They have tables if you care to sit there and have a coffee with your goodies.  I got two of their hard rolls as we call them and we had those with our lunch.  I should have bought more of them….oh well.

Smoke in the Mountain, Brasstown, NC

I don’t know where I first heard about Smoke in the Mountain, but it sure was a trip and I mean that!  It is a pottery place – the owner, Rob Withrow, is quite the character.  I had looked up the directions and lucky he had signs along the way!  He is well off the beaten path.  We were tempted to turn around but we forged forward!

He likes to talk but I was in a bit of a hurry so I had to cut it short.  I purchased two mugs.  As you can see in the photo his mugs are on the plain side.  He does sell fancier mugs that have strange 3-D faces that someone else creates and they cost more.  I was happy with the plain mugs!  

We use our Smoke in the Mountains coffee mugs daily!

He has quite a nice website where you find all the information you need about his pottery shop’s history, his community involvement and see some of the other items he produces.  If you go there be prepared to stay and chat!!!

The town of Murphy has many restaurants and shops.  I visited one of the antique shops on Peachtree Street and thought the prices were a little high, but that’s almost to be expected.  The store is big and if you are a true antiques shopper you might spend a few hours in there.

Whenever I walk through a store such as this I constantly say to myself, “Don’t knock anything over!”  My husband usually follows behind me just in case.  He was next door at the gun shop which is probably where many men hide out while the wives do their antique shopping!

Shopping, eating, fishing, tubing or whatever you enjoy doing can be done in Murphy, North Carolina.  The scenery is amazing and it’s free to look!

You can see forever!

Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce website:

Smoke in the Mountain website:

Heavenly Bake Shop website:

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