Friday, July 14, 2017

New service dog vest for Tomlin

Our drive to Alaska begins Monday. People have been supportive in many ways. A friend of mine at Excellent Elite Spanker asked me if Tomlin could use a new service dog vest. His old one is a few years old and is looking a little worn. I was touched that he would do think of us and took him up on the offer to pay for it after I ordered it.

Although the other vest lasted for a few years, I believe that this one may hold up just as long or longer. I turned it upside down and every which way. The workmanship on the service dog vest is very good. My pet peeve is missed seams or loose threads on his gear and there weren't any. The clips fasten snugly and the material is sturdy. Spot cleaning is all that the vest is likely to need. It looks good too. Tomlin may end up being the best dressed service dog in town! lol

There is a handle on the vest that I can use for steering if needed. My hand fits well under it and it too is secure. The loop for the leash got an unexpected test when Tomlin suddenly lunged after a squirrel. The critter flew up a tree and all Tomlin could do was watch it go. Everything held securely.

Importantly, the patches on the service dog vest by Excellent Elite are clear and easily seen. They must be sewn on by some kind of super industrial strength Velcro. I don't see how they would come off without effort.

The vest is a welcome addition to his gear inventory. It doesn't have saddle bags, but the vest itself is smaller and better padded thank his older one. I also like the khaki color and want to say thanks again to my friend for the gift. It means a lot.

The photos are screenshots that were taken from a video that we made of the service dog vest. I'll also be posting it as soon as it's complete. In the meantime, this is the link to the specs. It's an affiliate link. If you should choose to purchase, I'll get a tiny percentage. It may only be 1.5%, but it helps with blog expenses. Amazon will never tell me who purchased anything from an affiliate. Just know that I appreciate it very much. :)

Do you have a service dog? What kind of vest or service dog gear do you like? Let me know in the comments down below.

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