Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A New Restaurant in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee – The Local Goat

When O’Charley’s closed in Pigeon Forge a few years ago I wondered when a new restaurant would take over that coveted spot on the Parkway.  Finally, there is a new restaurant and it seems to be increasingly popular from what friends in the area told me.

To find out if they were right I found it only fitting to visit this new restaurant called, the Local Goat.  I know, that’s a weird name and I think it might be a turn-off to some, but a come-on to others, my husband and I included.

Knowing how busy the Pigeon Forge restaurants would be on Eclipse Monday, I made reservations at the Local Goat.  I had checked out their menu a few times online and had a good idea of what I would order.

According to their website:  Local Goat is a new American restaurant with a scratch-made kitchen specializing in locally sourced and sustainable menu items.  The first time I heard the name I couldn’t take it very seriously. However, since my friends have been there several times and rave about it, I said OK….I’ll try the goat!

One item on the menu sounded so good my husband and I both ordered it!  You get a 6-ounce sirloin steak and with that a choice of either a crab cake, 3 grilled shrimp or 6 coconut shrimp.  Served with that is a baked potato and house salad – all for $21. 

We did go full speed ahead and ordered the pound of peel and eat shrimp for our appetizer.  After all, this was my delayed birthday dinner so we figured why not?!  I did ask the person who delivered the shrimp to our table where the shrimp are from and he didn’t know.  

Once the shrimp shells were cleared away our salads were delivered and again we dove in! The lettuce was fresh and crisp and the honey mustard salad dress was extremely tasty.
Once the salads were history it was just a short period of time before our entrees were delivered. 

The sirloin steaks were well done, but the flavor and tenderness made up for that.  The baked potato was very hot. They give you way too much butter!  I had three grilled shrimp and they were cooked properly.  My husband had the crab cake and he declared it good.

The restaurant was not very busy when we arrived but when we left we realized that people were flooding in the front doors!  They have a very nice bar area.  The restroom was clean and well stocked.  The employees we had contact with were friendly and helpful.  The booths are good size, they don’t squish you in!  The lighting was good and the temperature was cool on a 97-degree day!

One complaint we both agreed on was the music.  It was horrible and too loud.  Don’t ask what kind of music it was, I couldn’t tell you if you paid me!  I assume they do that so you don’t notice all the background noises like the people at the next table talking too loudly (they left shortly after we got there so it was OK).

Their menu is wide and diverse and you can check it out here.  I think they have something for everyone, including picky eaters like myself!  If we return to Pigeon Forge next summer, and if the Local Goat is still in business, we are sure we will stop in.

There are several other items that I would have been happy with so I’m sure our next visit to Pigeon Forge will include a visit to the Local Goat.  What about you?  Would you eat at a restaurant with such an unusual name as Local Goat?

Photos belong to AbbyG

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