Friday, August 04, 2017

Solar oven heats water in the camper van

How do you cook in a van camper? How do you heat water? I'm asked these questions frequently. Van camper life is foreign to many people. Avid campers are more likely to use either a traditional RV or a tent. Van campers have been around for a long time and they are becoming more popular.

The increased interest in van camping seems to be coinciding with an interest in off-grid or solar oven cooking. The sun provides cheap energy that can be used by anyone. I use mine to heat hot water for tea or soups on the road.

The materials to make the oven are things I already had at home. We're not talking about stove eyes or heating elements here. We're talking about a couple of cardboard boxes (sometimes), some aluminium foil, black pot and oven bag. You also need something to raise the solar oven off of the ground. I took a cookie cooling rack that I already had. A couple of rocks also work well.

This video shows how I heated water for tea while at a rest area. Heating the water took about 20 minutes. It didn't heat up the camper van and it didn't use electricity. Here's how it works.

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