Wednesday, September 06, 2017

If you see something, say something

I am sure you’ve heard this expression.  It can apply to so many aspects of life such as if you see abuse, say something – call the police, do whatever you can to help.  Ignoring things and pretending they don’t exist will never make it better.

In a less serious aspect, it can apply to…oh let’s say a rental cabin!  We recently stayed at a rental cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  It was our third time at the same cabin.  We like the location, very close to the Parkway which is where the action is.  We like the price, very reasonable compared to others in the area.  

New recliner with good view of the TV

 When you rent sometimes you find the unexpected and we did at “American Charm”.  We  don’t care for the toilets at this cabin.  I call them kiddo toilets.  They are very low to the ground.  I have decent balance for an old lady, but I can see how these toy toilets can be lethal for some older folks.  That’s bad enough and we knew to expect that…what we didn’t expect was the new toilet seat on the master bath’s toilet.

I am not sure how you feel about ‘plastic padded toilet seats’ but I can tell you that I despise them for several reasons.  First, I don’t consider them to be sanitary and if you ever sat on one for more than a few seconds you would know how ‘warm’ they get.  After the my first visit to the bathroom I also found out that this plastic padded seat had a rip in it, which made it worse.  

This cabin is human and pet friendly, just ask Ruby!

Last year I made it a point to let the owner know that the ‘fake leather’ recliner had a rip and every time I sat in the chair my hair got caught in that rip.  He was very kind about my remarks and said sine he is tall and sat is the chair many times he never had a problem.  Guess what?  There were two new recliners this visit and that put a smile on my face.  It proved that he listened to what I said and did something to fix the problem.

With that in mind I sent him an email telling him about the toilet seat.  He replied that about a month ago he got a call from the renter that the toilet seat broke and he got his handyman fix it with a new toilet seat.  He said a padded seat would not be something he would have chosen for sure.  He told me he had planned on visiting his rental after we checked out and he would now replace that seat. (The owner lives in another state.)

He told me that the only way he knows things are wrong is if the cleaning crew notifies him or a renter does.  I am still not sure why his cleaning person didn’t ‘notice’ the seat.  Anyway, I am sure by now there is a nice clean un-padded toilet seat on that mini-kiddo toilet!

My reporting this little problem didn’t help us, but I’m sure the current renters have benefited by me saying something!

If you see something, say something! 

Photos belong to AbbyG

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