Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Things I never expected to find in East Tennessee

I may have told you about things we can’t find in Tennessee, like good New York style bagels, but now I will tell you about things we never expected to find here.  I guess you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

Having lived most of my life in New Jersey there are things I always considered to be northern things.  One such thing would be apples.  In my mind apples grow up north.  I still have a hard time with that even after 16 years here!

When we first moved to Tennessee we lived in a rental cabin for a month.  It was rather boring and every day we tried to find a new place to visit or just take a ride.  That’s how we came to find out about an apple orchard in Cosby.  They had a little restaurant and a shop where they sold, what else, apples!  That was a shock to the system, a good shock! We have also frequented apple orchards in other parts of East Tennessee, so I am OK with southern apples!

Another product we didn’t we did not expect to hear about, and never thought about, a cranberry bog.  Yes folks, there is a cranberry bog in Ducktown, Polk County, Tennessee.  It is, according to what I heard, the most southern cranberry bog in the US.

We have been to, through and around Ducktown several times on our way to McCayesville and Blue Ridge, Georgia and the color of the soil there is orange.  That is due to the copper and sulfur mines in that area.  Those mines left a lasting impression on the land.

How do you get to that bog?  You can’t.  This wild cranberry blog is well hidden and no one is giving out the location.  There are no trails to get to it.  I do know that it is in bloom and that cranberries will be forthcoming. 

It seems a shame not to share this rare cranberry blog with the public, but then again, I get the point.  You can read about it in links provided.  Sorry you can’t go there and witness nature calm, beautiful and undisturbed.

My husband's fried seafood feast at the Yellow Jacket, McCayesville, GA

However, you can visit McCayesville where there are several antique shops and a few restaurants such as Yellow Jacket Restaurant on Blue Ridge Drive (heading toward Blue Ridge of course!)  We have eaten there a few times and while they have a small salad bar the ingredients are always fresh and their beets are excellent!

Christy Lee's Courtyard Grille, Downtown Blue Ridge, excellent in all regards!

Once in the Blue Ridge area there are several restaurants that I would recommend such as Cristy Lee’s Courtyard Grille.  You cannot go wrong at Christy Lee’s, another restaurant where we ate our fair share of prime rib quite a few times.  

Chicken Pot Pie at Southern Charm Restaurant, Blue Ridge, GA

Another fun place is Southern Charm Restaurant right across from the train depot.  I am a chicken pot pie fan and I had one there that was delightful. 

There are so many places to eat and things to do that you probably won’t mind the fact you cannot get to the southernmost cranberry bog in the USA!

Photos belong to AbbyG

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