Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Where in the world would you like to make memories?

Where in the world do you dream of visiting?  We are not into flying, so any of our dreams must consist of places in the continental United States.  Even at that, we prefer a 3-4-hour ride over an 8-hour trip.  We made the 13-hour trip back and forth from Tennessee to New Jersey many times and I think that cured us of long range travel!

Finding new and interesting places to visit with that criteria is hard enough, throw in the fact we have the dog.  It isn’t quite as easy to travel with Ruby, but she is worth the effort.  That reminds me of a dog story…

I remember years ago (too many to count) I was about 11 and we were traveling from New Jersey to Louisiana to visit my paternal grandparents.  We had a little furry dog named Barron.  We stopped at a mom and pop motel (not sure if Holiday Inn was invented back then LOL!).  In those days people, including us, had to sneak their dogs into motels.  There was no such thing as ‘pet friendly’ rooms!

They had a pool in the front of the motel.  My father took Barron out for his last walk of the day, therefore, it was dark. I guess my dad was paying more attention to not getting caught than he was to his surroundings.  They both fell in the pool.  I remember that he didn’t think it was funny at all.  By the time we got to my grandparents’ home and told the story over and over my father did laugh more.  And to be honest, I’m laughing right now just remembering it.

Vacations are about having fun but they are also about making memories.  That memory has stayed with me for more years than I care to tell you…if I told you then you would know how old I am and a lady doesn’t tell!

I have a bank of memories of trips that my husband and I have taken, some might be funny to you, but all of them are memories I cherish.  No matter where you go, or what you do, when it is all said and done all you have are memories – and perhaps photos LOL!

I make sure to take photos since we enjoy looking at them over and over.  Especially those like the day we took our previous lab to Rock City in Chattanooga, Tennessee on a very hot summer day.  Dogs are allowed on leash and by the time we got to the top my husband’s right arm was a foot longer since Abby pulled him up that mountain….

Or the time my husband tried to catch shrimp in Beaufort - he got  a few but they were tiny......

Or the many days we watched the shrimp boats heading in with delicious (large) fresh shrimp….

Or the day we found the best ever NY style bagels at the Palm and Moon in downtown Beaufort, SC.....

Or….well, you get the point!

Photos belong to AbbyG

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