Saturday, December 16, 2017

Out and about schedule in 2018

Much of my blog is about my home base in Tennessee. As I travel, my blog is expanding to encompass more about where I am in the world. This is really being reflected in my YouTube videos and is being covered here more as well. It really is no surprise that people are already asking about my 2018 schedule. 

The early part of the year finds my wings somewhat clipped after knee replacement surgery (okay, maybe a lot clipped for awhile). After some healing, it will be time to gas up the van and head for the road. The following is a list of places that I'm targeting for my travel schedule for 2018. 

If you have a YouTube channel and are interested in meeting up, we may be able to work it out. Email me and we'll work it out. I want to toss out the disclaimer the schedule may change periodically. So please, take it as a guide.

My travel and road trip plans are:
January /February: No plans. Staying home after knee surgery.
March: Who can stay home? Mickey Mouse and the sandy beaches of Florida are calling!
April: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
May: Road Trip!! Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico
June: North Carolina
July: Georgia
August: Road Trip!! Maine
September: Kentucky
October: Pigeon Forge, TN
November: Biltmore, NC

Have a suggestion of someplace to go? Leave me a comment down below. You never know where I'll turn up.

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