Monday, April 09, 2018

Where to cross into Canada in Washington State

I used the Sumas Border to enter Canada from Bellingham, Washington. We took Washington 542 off I-5 in Bellingham and followed that to WA-9.  It was easy to follow the signs from there. It is important to pay close attention to the signs. This is a rural area. One missed sign and you'll be on country roads where it's easy to panic. We had problems maintaing a good cell phone signal and our GPS was not accurate. I suggest printing a map with turn-by-turn directions before trying to find the Sumas Border crossing. (Expand the map below to see how to get to the Canada border crossing from Bellingham.)

Be sure to pay attention to the road signs. The route takes you on country roads. We missed one and had to turn around a couple of times. I didn't see any large street signs announcing the border until we got pretty close to it.

We arrived at 9:00 am to find several cars in front of us. My car was searched when I crossed years ago, but we were spared that this time. The border crossing into Canada took around 45 minutes including line time. The Canada border patrol agent asked about what we were hauling and where we were going. The vet records weren't needed for my service dog, but it's important to have them just in case

After the border crossing into Canada from Washington, we drove to the Alaska Highway and on to Tok, Alaska as shown below.

Everyone asks me about Cell phone service in Canada. I'll have a write-up on that soon. A prepaid AT&T phone was suggested for me to use. Here's a synopsis of that and the tracking software I use for work.

The town we came to after crossing the border was Abbotsford, British Columbia. The cell phone worked pretty well there and into Canada for awhile. The map link shows the route I took to drive from Bellingham, Washington to Alaska. It is worth noting that even though new cell phone service in Canada had to be bought, my usual phone was able to ping cell towers enough that Everlance could record the route. Everlance is the mileage tracking software that I use for work. Since the drive to Alaska was a working trip, I kept it running.

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Tok, Alaska 

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