Monday, April 02, 2018

My drive to Alaska from Tennessee via New Mexico

Yes. You read that right. :) It was me, a friend and my service dog on a drive to Alaska in 2017. The cross-continent road trip was an amazing experience. We did a border crossing at Abbottsford, Canada. Our road trip started in Southeast, Tennessee on July 18. After three nights in New Mexico, we arrived in Bellingham, Washington on July 25. We chose this as the best route to Alaska because friends had recommended to cross the border into Canada at the Sumas-Huntingdon border crossing in Washington into Abbotsford border crossing on the Canada side.

Out of the entire route, the only two planned stops that we had were in New Mexico and in Bellingham. Family that we stayed with in New Mexico took us to White Sands and Valley of Fires National Parks. They also allowed us to wash laundry and prep up for the rest of the drive to Alaska. The

In New Mexico we saw relatives and prepped for the next leg of the journey. We arrived in Bellingham on July 25. It was the last chance we had to get a real shower and wash clothes for the next several days. This is the route we took from Tennessee to the U.S. border crossing at Sumas-Huntingdon into Abbotsford. From there, we drove to Tok, Alaska and on into Seward. That map link will be available after the next blog post goes up.

The drive toAlaska is an amazing journey. I've done eight legs on the Alaska Highway now. Looking forward to two more in Summer 2019!