Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Our drive from Willow, Alaska to Denali

We started our drive from Willow, Alaska to Denali after a great lunch with friends. It was the pastors' first service with communion at Willow UMC. They did a great job! Seeing them, in addition to our other friends, made for an enjoyable morning.

The drive to Denali from Willow was the easiest one so far. All you do is head north on Parks Highway and turn into the park. It's a few hours away though. Getting gas in Willow was our best option. There are a few places on Parks Highway from Willow to Denali where you can buy gas, but they were mostly closed on Sunday.

Plan on paying a premium if you buy gas in Denali. I forgot to gas up and ended up paying around $2.00 more per gallon. Gas prices for some cities is available on Gas Buddy, but not for the park area. Use it as a very general guide. Gas near the park can be much higher.

Driving from Willow to Denali took a little over two hours. We had sandwiches in the van's cooler, but a picnic lunch from Willow is a good idea. The map of our route is below. Here's the link for my post about our drive in from Homer.

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