Tuesday, June 05, 2018

From Denali to North Pole, Alaska

We decided to drive from Denali to North Pole, Alaska, to please the kids back home. My travel partner has a younger brother. For my part, I knew that the church kids (and mine) would adore having post cards or a small trinket from the Santa Claus House.

Let me be clear, this is not the North Pole, but a town named after the famous location. Santa had the day off, but we got to see the reindeer. Plus, the gift shop set us up with post cards and stamps. Here's a tip. Take the post cards to the post office and ask for them to be hand canceled to read North Pole, Alaska. It's a fun gesture that the family back home will love.

We picked up supplies, lunch and got gas in Fairbanks. North Pole has national fast food restaurants and gas stations as well.

This link is for our drive from Willow to Denali. The map below shows the route we took for our drive from Denali to North Pole, Alaska.

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