Thursday, June 28, 2018

My YouTube Channel Schedule Change

We had a great livestream today! Our discussion included the channel changes, travel, car repair on the road, adding solar to our van and more. Because my blog and YouTube channel complement each other, I wan to share the new channel changes here. This is based on feedback from subscribers, so I think you'll like the new schedule.

The new schedule is:
Sunday 9pm livestream
Monday 12:00 video
Wednesday 12:00 video

Friday 12:00 noon

Thursday 2:00 livestream

There may be an upcoming change to my Monday,  Wednesday, Friday schedule. As always, this is based on your feedback. Let me know if you like the current schedule or want to see a change. Leave me a comment below or comment on the YouTube video that is linked below.

Thank you, for all of the support! I view the channel as being one that I moderate for you. Your thoughts and feedback is always important to me. So don't hold back. Thanks again for watching,  have a bodacious day! :)

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