Friday, July 06, 2018

Hints and Tips for the Fourth of July Fireworks in Etowah, Tennessee for 2018

Fireworks light up the sky over Etowah, Tennessee once again on July 4th. I enjoy the camaraderie and fun of the show. The experience isn't confined to fireworks alone. There are bands, vendors of all kinds, games, food vendors - you name it. The July 4th Committee in Etowah does a fabulous job to pull everything together.

Are you thinking of visiting Etowah for next year's fireworks show? If so, I've compiled a couple of hints  that may help you have a good time.

Dress for the weather.
Check the forecast and plan accordingly. The weather may be hot and sunny, or hot and rainy. There may even be an afternoon thunderstorm. Tucking a rain poncho into your backpack makes sense.

Come early, stay awhile.
The music is good, the vendors and plentiful and food vendors have some tasty treats available. Come early to take advantage of all there is to see.

There is a lot downtown, but spaces can be limited. Plan on seeking out alternative parking. Several businesses will allow parking. Smoky Mountain Outfitters may offer events that end just before the fireworks begin.

Coming just for the fireworks? Arrive early.
This year my husband and I arrived only a half hour before the fireworks. Spaces are at a premium by then. We snagged the last space at Smoky Mountain Outfitters. We paid the price for running late last year by parking at the post office. Learn from our fail. If you aren't coming for the bands or vendors, make sure to get to Etowah a couple of hours early.

Walking shoes for kids and adults.
This is should be a no-brainer. This year, I heard a child crying because her flip flop broke. She couldn't run and play with her siblings. Don't let this be your daughter. Check the footwear before heading out the door to the fireworks in Etowah.

No. No. No. Leave Fido home. Fireworks can scare even the happiest of dogs. What  you interpret as fun, your dog interprets as Armageddon. Unless it's a service dog, please think before bringing your four footed friend.

Didn't make it this year? Check out my video of the fourth of July fireworks in Etowah. 

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