Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Estarer 17" messenger laptop bag for college, travel or school

My new Estarer messenger bag holds my computer, textbooks and everything that I need for college. The Jansport messenger bag that I've been using is still in good shape. It just won't hold a 16" computer. It was either the laptop or my textbooks but not both. When Estarer gave me the opportunity to review the bag, I jumped at it.

The padded strap is solid and sturdy. It doesn't dig into my shoulder much so carrying it feels natural. It balances well even when packed. I don't see any fraying edges and all the seams are secure. It's super that each end of the messenger bag will hold a water bottle. Reusable bottles save me a ton of money! Fountains are all over the school. 

I use my refillable Contigo shaker bottle. This is a little wider than some bottles, so I was really happy to see it fit on each end of the messenger bag. I also like that the bag itself isn't heavy enough to add a lot of extra weight. The canvas is also water resistant. This makes my Estarer bag good for school and my big trip to Alaska this summer.

The buckles on the front of the bag snap easily and fit tightly. I good knowing that my computer and books are secure. The Estarer messenger bag also holds my Kindle, billfold and makeup. I still have enough space for my camcorder, selfie stick and assorted odds and ends.

I couldn't be happier with it. If you want to check it out, look at my Amazon affiliate link for the Estarer messenger bag at https://amzn.to/2BWAh4L

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