Sunday, December 02, 2018

Imprinted Christmas wooden rolling pin product review

This imprinted Christmas wooden pin looked great. I ordered it with hopes of using it for a church cookie fundraiser. I knew it would be a risky purchase since there wasn't a review on Amazon yet. My first thought when it arrived was that the rolling pin was very lightweight. Then I looked at the imprinting on the Christmas rolling pin. 

The rolling pin is advertised to imprint a holiday design in cookies. To test it, I bought a roll of refrigerated cookie dough and started rolling. The rolling pin left a light imprint on the unbaked cookies. The end result is what you see below. As you can tell, the design is gone. 

The results are disappointing to say the least. The product was sold by a third-party seller on Amazon. I initiated a return and am optimistic. The link for the Christmas rolling pin on Amazon is 

At last check the 1 Star reviews are at 55%. This is a product that I wish I hadn't ordered and a lot of other people seem to agree.

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