Monday, December 03, 2018

Kusky selfie stick tripod with Bluetooth remote product review

The Kusky selfie stick tripod with Bluetooth remote may be my new best friend. It folds down small enough to fit in my purse and slides into my laptop bag and backpack with room to spare. The photos show the Kusky selfie stick holding a Samsung cell phone and Canon Vixia camcorder. The other two photos show the camcorder and DSLR each placed separately on it when in use as a tripod. Although not shown, the tripod set-up holds the cell phone as well. I just needed something to take the picture with.

Pairing my phone to the remote could not have gone more smoothly. First, I turned on the remote that came with the selfie stick tripod. Then I went into the setting on my cell phone and activated the Bluetooth. (It's in the upper right corner on an Android). The pairing was completed in about 20 seconds the first time. It paired almost instantly after that.

Vlogging is easier with a selfie stick that is easily accessible. I can reach into my purse and grab the selfie stick with one hand while reaching for the cell phone with the other. Snap the phone into the holder and I'm vlogging.

The only caveat that I can come up with is that the selfie stick doesn't lock into place. My other selfie stick with bluetooth remote locks into place with a series of side latches. This selfie stick relies on friction. I've had no problem with the cell phone holding on the selfie stick. The camcorder worked okay when the tripod was extended fully when handheld or about 1/3 of the way when used in tripod mode. I haven't found a selfie stick tripod that I felt comfortable using with my Nikon. The Kusky flexed when fully extended with the D5500 on it. However, it held when the tripod was put in its lowest position (when is probably when I would use it when shooting with the SLR anyway).

The Kusky selfie stick has been put through some trials since it arrived. I've used it for shooting at home and at the park. It's been on a few day trips and has been used in dry weather and in rain. During this time I have only reached for my other selfie stick once. It was a windy, rainy day and something heavier was needed to hold the DSLR still in such conditions.

I really feel like other vloggers and the average person are going to enjoy the Kusky selfie stick. The wireless Bluetooth remote makes it possible to take photos and video simultaneously. The weight and balance are good with the cell phone and better than expected with the camcorder and DSLR. The portability and ease of use have made it my go-to selfie stick for most projects.

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