Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Estarer camera backpack

I liked the Estarer messenger bag so much that I decided to try the Estarer camera backpack as well. Both bags are well made. The camera backback is well padded. It has a rain hood and inner pockets to hold accessories, a tablet and computer. There are also several dividers to help me maximize space so all of my camera gear would fit. It didn't, but I'm pretty sure that the bag isn't the problem. I may just own too much stuff.

The photos of the Estarer camera bag below tell the story. I fit a lot of my gear into the bag. The neutral density filters and future fisheye lens will have to wait.

I liked it enough to include the bag in my Amazon store. The straps are well padded and the rain hood fit over the front of the bag securely. It also has a pocket across the back of the backpack where you could put a billfold, passport or other flat items that may need to be kept secure.

This photo is showing my brown Tenba camera bag. This is a messenger style camera bag that I already own. The cover flops over the top of the bag. It has a zipper in the top that allows quick and easy access to the camera, lenses and other equipment that I might need.

After looking at the two bags side-by-side, it's a little easier to see that the new backpack may be a little small for my needs. You live and you learn. My husband's suggestion is to get a wheel barrow. 

You can see me modeling the bag in the photo below. It was comfortable, protected my equipment and was lightweight. All in all, the Estarer camera backpack would have been perfect, if I had less gear to carry around.

The bag and other camera supplies are available in my Amazon store at http://www.amazon.com/shop/gaylecrabtree

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